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Mortara, the son of a Jewish couple living in the Papal States, was secretly baptized Catholic as an infant by a panicked servant during an infantile illness. The baptism was deemed valid by the Catholic Church and, because canon law forbade non-Christians from raising Christian children, Pope Pius IX ordered the six-year-old Mortara to be taken to Rome as his ward. Several countries objected to the pope's decision and called for the boy to be returned to his parents. What became of Mortara? More... Discuss
Dreamland was, for a brief time, one of the many attractions in Coney Island—a popular New York seaside resort area. An amusement park, Dreamland featured rides and exhibitions of curiosities, including caged animals, and, more bizarrely, a display of premature infants in incubators. In 1911, a fire sparked by light bulbs ripped through the largely wooden park, creating chaos as animals escaped. Fortunately, the babies were carried to safety, and no one was killed. What became of Dreamland? More...
This Day in History   First "Witch" Executed in the British American Colonies (1647) Nearly 50 years before the infamous trials that resulted in the execution of 20 people as witches in Salem, Massachusetts, Alse Young of Windsor, Connecticut, became the victim of the first recorded execution for witchcraft in the American colonies. Although she may have had a daughter who was also accused of witchcraft 30 years later, very little is known about Young's life, except that she was hanged at Meeting House Square in Hartford. A mention of her execution is recorded in whose diary? More... Discuss
Feng-Fang Tsai,  Chih-Min Liu,  Hsiu-Po Wang,  Jia-Rong Yeh &  Shou-Zen Fan  Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 10850 (2021) Cite this article Metricsdetails Abstract High risk and geriatric patients are supposed to suffer higher risks of hypotension underwent painless endoscopic procedures. This study evaluated different biomarkers associated with hypotension in off-site patients and aimed to determine the most relevant risk factors in space and monitoring limited environment. The inclusions of this observational cohort study underwent complex endoscopic procedures were sedated with age-adjusted doses of target-controlled infusion of propofol. The following pre-se
Today's Birthday Helen Brooke Taussig (1898) Now regarded as the founder of pediatric cardiology, Taussig was an American physician who, among other things, revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of "blue babies," babies whose heart malformations cause low blood oxygen content. She pioneered the use of fluoroscopy to identify defects in the heart and great vessels and devised a surgical treatment with Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas that saved thousands of infants. She also helped block the approval of what dangerous drug in the US? More... Discuss
This Day in History   "What Hath God Wrought" (1844) Samuel F.B. Morse was originally a painter, and a good one. His portraits still rank among the finest produced in the US. However, he is best remembered for having developed the telegraph and the code of dots and dashes that bears his name. In 1844, Morse demonstrated the practicability of his instrument to Congress by transmitting the famous message "What hath God wrought" over a wire from Washington, DC, to Baltimore. Morse was also instrumental in introducing what other innovation to the US? More... Discuss
Bath School disaster Bath Consolidated School before the bombing Location Bath Township, Clinton County, Michigan, USA Date May 18, 1927 Target Bath Consolidated School, house, farm and wife Attack type School bombing, mass murder, murder-suicide, suicide truck bombing, arson, uxoricide Weapon(s) Dynamite Pyrotol Firebombs Club Winchester Model 54 rifle Deaths 44 at the school (including the perpetrator) and perpetrator's wife (at home); 45 total Injured (non-fatal) 58 Perpetrator Andrew P. Kehoe Motive Revenge for defeat in local election Personal and financial stress The Bath School disaster is the historical name of the violent attacks perpetrated by Andre
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Security forces enter after school shooting. The China National Space Administration's Tianwen-1 lander-rover vehicle successfully lands on Mars. In association football, Manchester City win the Premier League. A school shooting (security response pictured) in Kazan, Russia, leaves nine people dead. Clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, escalating to airstrikes and rocket attacks, kill more than a hundred people and injure several hundred others. Ongoing:  COVID-19 pandemic Recent deaths:  Dhiru Parikh ?or?e Marjanovi? Farooq Qaiser Jay Barbree Seamus Deane Indu Jain
Part of a series on Tibetan Buddhism Schools Nyingma   Kagyu   Sakya Gelug   Bön   Jonang Rimé   Kadam Key concepts Three marks of existence Skandha   Cosmology   Sa?s?ra Rebirth   Bodhisattva   Dharma Dependent origination   Karma Key figures Gautama Buddha Padmasambhava   Je Tsongkhapa Dalai Lama   Panchen Lama Lama   Karmapa Lama   Rinpoche Geshe   Terton   Tulku Practices and attainment Buddhahood   Avalokite?vara Four stages of enlightenment Tantric yoga   Paramitas Meditation   Laity Major monasteries Changzhug   Drepung   Dzogchen Ganden   Jokhang   Kumbum Labrang   Mindroling   Namgyal Narthang   Nechung
Park Seo Joon disebut akan bintangi drama "Geongseong Creauture"
  Aktor asal Korea Selatan Park Seo Joon. ANTARA/Instagram @park_seojoon19   Jakarta (ANTARA) - Park Seo Joon kemungkinan akan segera membintangi drama baru.Pada Jumat (14/5), seorang sumber melaporkan bahwa Park Seo Joon baru-baru ini menerima tawaran untuk berperan sebagai Jang Tae Sang dalam judul drama "Gyeongseong Creature".Mengutip Soompi pada Sabtu, menanggapi laporan tersebut, agensi Park Seo Joon, Awesome THT, berkomentar bahwa aktor tersebut memang ditawari menjadi pemeran utama dalam "Gyeongseong Creature" atau yang dikenal sebagai "Project K".Akan tetapi, Park Seo Joon hanya menerima sinopsis dan belum mendapat naskahnya. Saat ini pihak agensi dan aktor tersebut sedang memeri
Edward Korot,  Nikolas Pontikos,  Xiaoxuan Liu,  Siegfried K. Wagner,  Livia Faes,  Josef Huemer,  Konstantinos Balaskas,  Alastair K. Denniston,  Anthony Khawaja &  Pearse A. Keane  Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 10286 (2021) Cite this article Metricsdetails Abstract Deep learning may transform health care, but model development has largely been dependent on availability of advanced technical expertise. Herein we present the development of a deep learning model by clinicians without coding, which predicts reported sex from retinal fundus photographs. A model was trained on 84,743 retinal fundus photos from the UK Biobank dataset. External validation was perfor
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